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Game Server Management, At It's Best!

Never Dodgy, Always Legit!

HIHB Gaming will never make claims we can’t back up… Ever!

Our servers are monitored constantly.
Our servers are on the best hardware that Vilayer has to offer.

We have a direct line of communication to Vilayer for any server issues that arise. We can get on top of issues and have them fixed ASAP.

We have absolute “ZERO” tolerance for exploiting, hacking, duping or ghosting. This behaviour WILL get you banned!

HIHB has been running servers since DayZ Mod.
Our Admins know the backend and can properly run our servers, decipher logs and DO NOT ban without evidence.

When we ban it is across the entire hive of 5, this is just common sense.

Our Admins are always there to help in game or out!


DayZ – “Saturday Night Madness” Server Events EU/US Reg Servers :
Check the HIHB Forums for details on these server events.

HIHB Gaming Looking for staff!:
Passionate about gaming? Have some time to spare? We want you!
Due to our rapid growth we’re currently looking for Staff. Web Developers, Forum Mods, Game Ops and Event Managers are some of the positions available. Contact us by posting up in the forums or use our Contact Form

Feedback & Suggestions:
To better our servers and community a Feedback & Suggestion forum has been posted.

Whitelisting form is coming. When whitelisted you’re subjected to VAC Ban checks on a regular basis and questioned on any that arise.

Bringing you the full DayZ experience!

HIHB Gaming has 5 DayZ Standalone servers in several locations worldwide. All servers are part of the same Private Shard

2 Servers – Australia – Hardcore/Reg
2 Servers – United States Hardcore/Reg
1 Server – United Kingdom – Reg

All DayZ SA servers are managed by HIHB for The Older Gamers [TOG]

DayZ Server Rules are applied to keep inline with TOG standards and it’s CoC.

Although DayZ is a game where almost anything goes, grieving other players is not conducive to the HIHB Gaming environment we are trying to maintain.

We DO NOT condone grieving, racial slurs, homophobia or any other attitudes that may disrupt the general server population.

 HIHB DayZ Steam Group 

Server Events:

DayZ  – Monday Madness(AU):
Looking for something to do on a Monday night? Monday Madness is the go! Details on the HIHB Gaming Calendar
HIHB Reg(AU) weekly server event!

DayZ  – Saturday Night Madness(EU/US):
Want something to do on a Saturday Night? Checkout the HIHB Gaming Calendar for details.
HIHB Reg(EU/US) weekly server event!

DayZ – Friday Night Fights(US/AU):
Clans/Groups can RSVP for the FnF weekly server events on the HIHB Gaming Calendar. Served up on AU/US Hardcore only, this is a sanctioned clan/group event.

Got what it takes to go up against TOG? Sign Up!

All events are monitored for fair play, we take precautions beforehand to prevent event disruptions.
Events will vary in theme and map location.
Event details are posted prior to the event.
Details for most events do not include exact location unless otherwise specified. To make things as fair as possible, the location is held until the time of the event, then announced to the server via in game messages.

More events are in the works and need certain in game features to be added for them to work properly. We’re hoping with .58 this will happen!

Stay Tuned!