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DayZ Standalone

Serving DayZ Standalone Servers Since Day One!!

HIHB Has 5 DayZ Standalone Servers On Our Private Hive
HardCore Server In EU Coming Soon!

  • 1 Regular DayZ Server – Melbourne, AU
  • 1 HardCore DayZ Server – Melbourne, AU
  • 1 Regular DayZ Server – Dallas, TX US
  • 1 HardCore DayZ Server – Dallas, TX US
  • 1 Regular DayZ Server – London, UK
  • 1 HardCore DayZ Server – London, UK(Separate Hive)

With Weekly Server Events!

HIHB DayZ Forums/Info/HC Whitelisting

Arma 3
HIHB Insurgency


Our Game Servers are well managed with Admins always available either in game or via Teamspeak if a problem arises.
Anything that negatively effects the gameplay of the general population is dealt with as quick as possible.
We pride ourselves on giving the best gaming experience we can!

No False Claims Here.

Never Dodgy – Always Legit

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