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HIHB Gaming has 5 DayZ Standalone servers in several locations worldwide. All servers are part of the same Private Shard

2 Servers – Australia – Hardcore/Reg
2 Servers – United States Hardcore/Reg
1 Server – United Kingdom – Reg

All DayZ SA servers are managed by HIHB for The Older Gamers [TOG]

HIHB DayZ Steam Group 

HIHB Gaming also has a Vanilla DayZ Mod server. Tough with no fluff!

Not a 5000 vehicle, overpoch or whateverpoch server but a VANILLA 1.8.x Server!

Same rules apply to our DayZ Mod server as they do to our DayZ Standalone servers.

Arma3 along with other HIHB managed game servers…

Coming Soon!


DayZ Status Report 30th June:
This week status report covers the new renderer, player pov and other mechanics being worked on.

You can check out the status report on the HIHB Forums and post up a comment.

Experimental .58 Released!:
An Experimental update has been released to Exp servers. New POV, items and mechanics. Coming in at 750MB. Here’s hoping persistence is fixed this time around.

Feedback & Suggestions:
To better our servers and community a Feedback & Suggestion forum has been posted.

HIHB Website:
Whitelisting form is coming.

Clans can sign up for FnF via the HIHB Gaming Calendar under the FnF scheduled events.